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Receives Assigned Section, Keys, Supplies And Any Priority Room Requests From The Executive Housekeeper. Turns In Keys And Unused Supplies At The End Of Each Shift. Checks With Supervisor Prior To Clocking Out At The End Of Each Day.

  • May Be Required To Cleann Carpets Using Equipment To Maintain Cleanliness Standards Of All Floorn Coverings Within The Rental Units And Amenities.

  • Responds To Guest Requests Andn Reports Guest Concerns In A Timely And Hospitable Manner To Ensure Guestn Satisfaction.

  • Reports Any Missing Articles,n Damages Or Mechanical Problems To The Executive Housekeeper And Turns Inn Any Articles Left In Each Unit.

  • Check Amenities Buildingsn (i.e., Restaurants, Pro Shops, Recreation And Public Areas) To Insure Thatn They Meet Cleanliness Standards Are Cleaned And Properly Stocked.

  • Sweeps, Dusts, Mops, Scrubs,n Washes, Vacuums, Waxes, And Polishes Building Floors, Walls, Woodwork,n Windows, Furniture, Equipment, And Hardware.

  • Cleans And Sanitizesn Laboratories, Washrooms, And Bedrooms, Keeps Washrooms Supplied Withn Paper, Towels, And Soap.

  • Collects And Disposes Of Trashn And Garbage; Moves Equipment And Furniture Such As Beds, Tables, Andn Chairs.

  • Performs Sanitary Inspectionsn In Designated Areas For Purposes Of Infection Control.

  • Replaces And Removes Medicallyn Contaminated Sharps And/or Medically Soiled And Contaminated Dressings Andn Supplies.

  • Observes And Reports Safetyn Violations; Actively Participates In Emergency Situations.

  • Assists In Training Andn Continued Education Of Lower Level Workers.

  • Plans, Assigns, And Supervisesn All Functions Of A Housekeeping Department.

Establishes Housekeeping Standards; Assists With Policy Planning; Prepares Departmental Budget Request.